15 Pictures That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

Some days my brain is just down for the count and I can’t comprehend a damn thing. On those oatmeal brain days, I usually down a few coffees and continue on.

Other times, though, you see some crazy stuff happen that simply cannot be explained no matter how much brain power you put into it.

Here are 15 things that will break your brain if it isn’t already.

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1. Benjamin Button, everyone.

2. Hard to unsee.

3. What!? How!?

4. This sculpture in New Zealand looks like a cartoon!

5. This guy has legs for days.

6. Is there anything wrong with this wheel?

7. Merman?

8. These islands somehow made a violin.

9. Picture or no?

10. These ladies make a gorilla shadow somehow.

11. Did he have an accident?

12. What is this new animal?

13. What the hell! Look again.

14. I can’t tell whether it’s the ears or the rectangular shape of the head/neck area…

15. This predatory sea snail is a Florida horse conch. Looks like it’s dinner time!!!

Source: http://diply.com/dip/article/photos-that-will-break-your-brain

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15 Pictures That Will Make Your Brain Hurt
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