7 Meal Prep Tricks To Try This Week

It feels great to be prepared.

1. Make a batch of hummus (you can try new flavors or stick to your favorite) for quick, packable snacks.

7 Meal Prep Tricks To Try This Week

Spread it on a whole grain pita, or dip veggies into it. Learn more here.

2. Write out your weekly dinner plan at the start of the week. Better yet, make it ~pretty~.

7 Meal Prep Tricks To Try This Week

Planning your dinners ahead of time is so much more efficient, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. If you want to really incentivize yourself, write everything on a chalkboard or whiteboard in your kitchen, or make this DIY menu board.

3. Cook breakfast burritos once, eat breakfast burritos all week long.

7 Meal Prep Tricks To Try This Week

Thank you, freezer. Recipe here.

4. DIY granola is a great weekday breakfast when you add fresh fruit and milk or yogurt.

7 Meal Prep Tricks To Try This Week

Learn more here.

5. Bake banana bread right into a mason jar for a less crumb-y grab-and-go option.

7 Meal Prep Tricks To Try This Week

Honestly not any more convenient than baking your bread in a loaf pan and slicing as you go, but SO MUCH MORE FUN OMG. Recipe here.

6. Prep a week’s worth of lunches by making these carnitas bowls.

Nothing wrong with throwing together whatever meat, veggie and starch you happen to have in the fridge. That said, sometimes it’s nice to have a bowl full of stuff that’s actually made to go together. Recipe here.

7. Mix a variety of overnight oats in different jars, then pick whatever flavor you’re feeling in the morning.

Overnight oats are easy, cheap, and healthy. You prep them the night before, but even that only takes a couple of minutes. Instructions here.

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7 Meal Prep Tricks To Try This Week
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