7 Super Stupid Details About ‘The Big Bang Theory’ That No One Ever Mentions

The Big Bang Theory is an Emmy-winning show about nerds – so you would think that nerds love it, right?

Wrong. So very wrong. While the show is about nerds, it’s definitely not for nerds. Or for anyone, really. What started out as a kind of clever show has turned into cringe-worthy drivel. These characters aren’t real, they aren’t even caricatures of real people. The jokes are terrible. The show just needs to go.

But let’s take a closer look at why this Wampa turd of a show (Wampas are from Star Wars and they poop*laugh track*), deserves to be struck down like Sauron (from Lord of the Rings. He’s the eyeball. *laugh track*).

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1. The show’s relationships are the worst.

Nerds can have relationships, no question about that. But when TBBT started out, it was a show about a group of awkward geeks an their neighbor Penny who observed and was our gateway into this culture.

Now, the show is about who is sleeping with who and how the actions of characters are so focused on sex or the opposite gender, it’s ridiculous.


Sheldon and Amy became insufferable and intolerable. Penny and Leonard… that one was just confusing.

One is as bland as the other. Bernadette went from being a sort of cool strong woman character to becoming a raging housewife, nagging Howard to the point where we feel bad for him.

And no one should feel bad for Howard. Because he’s a creep. Get it? *laugh track*

Even his friendship with Raj is getting old. The jokes are worn out and dry.

2. Leonard went from awesome to super boring.

Leonard is bland. When the show first started, he was the lead nerd – the one with the most social skills who kind of bridged the gap between uber nerd and regular people. But as the show went on, he turned into kind of a whiny little man who served as a talking point so other characters could explain their motives to him.

Even his pursuit of Penny seems forced. She didn’t fall for his nerd charm and hasn’t tried to learn anything about his nerd culture.

He has no attractive qualities. It’s as if she said yes to him because he wore her down after chasing her for three or four years.

3. They make fun of mental illness and disabilities. Way too much.

This one may have you scratching your head, but think about it. Sheldon clearly has some autistic or OCD-type behaviors, and how many times has that been the butt of several jokes? Sheldon has a spot on the couch. No one better sit there, or else! *laugh track*

Raj has severe social anxiety to the point where he can’t talk to women – unless he is drinking alcohol, of course. (Because after one sip, all anxiety goes away, obviously!) And Leonard, though he doesn’t have mental disabilities, suffers from Asthma and a lactose allergy.

While these are made fun of in the show, they are very much real-life problems for some. They’re crippling for some people, and I’m sure they’d would love to have a sip of alcohol make it all go away.

Autism and OCD can have a huge impact on people’s lives and shouldn’t be made light of this much. Especially in a half hour sitcom that isn’t funny to begin with.

4. The humor is generic and bland.

The humor may seem clever and nerdy, but you sit any nerd or geek down and tell them to watch it, they won’t laugh. I promise. Mostly, the humor in TBBT is pop culture references with some nerd humor thrown in. There are countless videos on YouTube where the laugh track has been taken out of the show. And trust me, it’s completely cringe-worthy.

If these characters weren’t nerds, then the show might be a bit funnier. Them being nerds used to be crucial, but if you put them all into different jobs, it really wouldn’t change much.

Sure, there are a few chuckles, but that’s only when they aren’t making fun of anyone and trying to tell a decent story.

Also, most of the humor now is from guest stars doing stupid things…

5. Their female characters are way too simple.

I feel bad for the women on this show. They are either hot or smart. Never both. Because really, how can a woman be nerdy, smart AND take care of herself? There isn’t one nerd girl on the show, and when one happens to pop up, she’s weird or dumb and not real at all. Poor Penny is just put in revealing outfits for the guys to gawk at. And to be made fun of when she doesn’t get their Halo humor (But seriously, no one laughs that hard at Halo humor.)

Show me a girl on the show that likes Star Wars. You can’t. In one episode, the girls are making a Death Star cake for the boys. Death Star? More like Death Bore. *laugh track* They go back and forth talking about how dumb and nerdy it is.

Excuse me ladies, this is one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. Show some respect. Also, taking an interest in your boyfriends hobbies might be a good idea.

Honestly, this show paints all the woman as shallow and b**chy because their boyfriends like nerd stuff.

6. They actually just make fun of nerds the whole time.

This is not a show for nerds. This is a show about nerds. Done very poorly. The audience is suppose to connect to Penny and see the boys as awkward. But I’ve seen plenty of nerds who do quite well in public. There are countless celebrities who are huge nerds and are… well… celebrities. Whose job it is to be in the public eye.

This show hits the lowest common denominator when it comes to geek/nerd culture. It makes jokes that everyone can understand, especially people who think they are a little nerdy, but who wouldn’t get caught dead going near a convention.

The conversations aren’t real, either. They explain the references way too much.

Actual Nerd referring to the weather: It’s like Hoth out there

TBBT “Nerd” referring to the weather: It’s as cold as the ice planet Hoth from Star Wars out there.

Thanks. Now I know.

As a nerd, I don’t go around making sure my references are known. I just say what I say and if people get it, great, but if they don’t, then that sucks for them, because I’ve already moved on talking about vacationing on Kashyyyk. (It’s another planet from Star Wars, where Chewbacca and other Wookies come from! Funny names, eh? *laugh track*).

7. Simple Opposites

Every character on the show is only one thing. If you’re pretty, you have the IQ of a boulder. If you are intelligent, you are odd looking. And if you are nerdy, you have the social graces and emotions of a Cyberman (from Doctor Who and, like, they are so super mean, too. *laugh track*). There is one episode where Penny gets hooked on a World of Warcraft-type computer game, and she turns into a total dumb slob. I’ve marathoned video games before, and funny enough, I still showered!

One of the biggest jokes is that every man Penny dates is tall, muscular, and good-looking but is extremely dumb. And Leonard is the opposite. That’s it. That is the butt of so many jokes.

Also, as much as nerds are made fun of, the opposite is made fun of too. If you have a good body, and are good-looking, then you’re made fun of for being dumb and shallow.

Like, seriously, who actually likes this show? SHARE the stupidity with others.

Also, if you want a show for nerds, go watch Community, they do it right. Like a big family. Get it? like acommunity. Of people. *laugh track*

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7 Super Stupid Details About ‘The Big Bang Theory’ That No One Ever Mentions
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