9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies For Women

If you’re a successful woman in 2017, you’re probably still getting called out for being ‘bossy’ and ‘uptight’. These 9 handy cartoons will help you ‘apologize’ in the nicest way possible.

Women in workplaces often have to deal with male counterparts who become threatened, emotionally, by their confidence and ambition. Sarah Cooper, an office worker turned comedian, came up with a few “non-threatening leadership strategies for women” to smooth over these uncomfortable situations. She runs a satirical blog called The Cooper Review, where she turns corporate woes into sarcastic cartoons and confuses people who take everything literally.

If these little tips made you laugh, put on your mustache and keep finding new ways to challenge sexism wherever it rears its ugly head.

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies For Women
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