How To Make A Giant 8′ Snow Sculpture

Make a form. Fill the form. Pack it in. Carve the snow.

This is the sculpture I’ve made and you can make one yourself

Make an 8′ snow sculpture by using plywood

Fill it up. Fluffy snow is best. But pound it down

Put on a ‘nose’ cone. A ratchet strap helps hold it together

Removing of the plywood. Looking good!

Flop it forward

Fold the plywood up and now you have your base

Carve it up! Easter Island Ed lives after a little bit of snow carving

Selfie time!

One more before the big change. Big change? Whaaaat?

Big unexpected change

Welcome Glen!

I’ve been working on eyes. I turn a birch log on my little lathe into eyes. Then I paint them. Then I place them on the snow sculpture.

Big smile


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How To Make A Giant 8′ Snow Sculpture
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