I Documented The Miracle Of New Life

After doing an amazing maternity photo shoot in an abandoned factory, the gorgeous mother-to-be asked me to document the birth of her daughter. As birth photography intrigued me for quite some time, I eagerly agreed. Three weeks later I found myself in a hospital watching a woman become a mother.

Nothing could have prepared me for the raw beauty of giving birth I was to witness for the six hours to come. It was a beautiful journey filled with so many different emotions: from extreme pain to determination, and from despair to utter relief and instant love. Capturing each image filled my heart with pure joy, and I am very grateful I got the chance to tell the story through a series of images.

The result: a striking, raw, black-and-white series showing the miracle of birth, from the first contractions to the first time breastfeeding.

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All images (c) 2016 Martijn van Oers

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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