I Paint Watercolor Blendscapes Turning Portraits Into Stories

Hello, I’m Larissa: a German/Dutch artist and glaciologist. In my work, I try to take portraits, whether of animals or humans, one step further. There are so many stories behind the subjects I paint, and I can show you part of them by blending faces and bodies with landscapes and objects.

My style conveys my love for ink and watercolor, wildlife and the human form. I hope the joy and sense of calm that my paintings give me during creation, can translate to you when seeing them.

Bright night visions

I took off the universe

Back to the flatlands

Dancing in the storm

Night wolf

I’m a force of nature


Home is where the woods are

Spirit Animal

The colors of Iceland



Keep floatin’ sailor

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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I Paint Watercolor Blendscapes Turning Portraits Into Stories
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