I Wrote An Algorithm That Doodles Drawings From A Single Line

After sharing my results on single line spiral drawings here is another single line drawing style.

When I was a kid I made small drawings by just scribbling with my pen on the paper without ever removing the pen from the paper. I moved the pen all around the paper without any clear direction, but after a while, some images came to live. Here I tried to implement this playful motion into a program that converts photos into drawings.

It is one of the styles of my small shop LinesLab. It takes my computer about 10 minutes to compute one drawing. These images are all digital. Some may know that I have programmed a plotter to draw with a pen, but these images are too complex for my plotter to handle.

Audrey Hepburn

Connor McGregor

Leon the professional, my favorite movie

I wanted to test the algorithm on fine details, the result is not bad

The process how the bike drawing was made, the process if accelerated

James Dean

Gemma Arterton


Source: www.boredpanda.com

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I Wrote An Algorithm That Doodles Drawings From A Single Line
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