My Son Kept Asking Me For A New Baby, So I Got One…

Baby fever hit me, and it hit me hard. Even my almost 5-year-old was asking me all the time if I was pregnant (Do I LOOK pregnant??)… And when I would have a baby for him to play with!

So one day I finally had enough. I said I am getting a baby, no matter what! So I went out and I bought a baby. Plain and simple. I bought a baby golden retriever! I am a full-time newborn photographer for a living. So of course, I had to photograph my own newborn! I also opted for the baby’s first year plan, so she got newborn, 4 month, 6 month, 9 month and cake smash photos too!! Meet Lucy. The best baby fever cure ever.


I’m 4 months!

I’m 6 months!

This basket is getting a little small!

6-months-old is trying to squeeze into a newborn box!

Why does she look so sad? It’s cake!

Happy Birthday to the best baby fever fix EVER!


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My Son Kept Asking Me For A New Baby, So I Got One…
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