Prehistoric Triceratops Comes Back As A Taco Holder, And It’s Perfect For Every Kitchen

Not all dinosaurs are extinct! KidsFunwares has created a Triceratops taco holder to spark kids’ imagination by combining their love for dinosaurs and tacos.

The utensil is called the TriceraTACO Taco Holder and it’s ready to hold 2 tacos on its back. It is made from polypropylene plastic, so it’s completely dishwasher-safe, and you can find it for $12.95 on Amazon.

By the way, Triceratops are herbivorous (they only eat plants) so your new kitchen buddy won’t sneak a bite while he’s holding your tacos! The TriceraTACO definitely deserves to be in our list of 25+ of the coolest kitchen gadgets for food lovers.

You can get it on Amazon


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