Snake Tries To Eat A Porcupine, Regrets It Immediately

Footage was released showing a boa constrictor, one of the largest snakes in the world, writhing in pain after attacking a porcupine and getting pierced by its spikes – and the video itself is even painful to watch.

The wince-inducing scene was filmed in Brazil – these types of snakes like tropical climates. They can grow up to 13 feet in length. Boas are not poisonous, but just as deadly. They will hide until they see a potential next meal come along, and then do a surprise attack. As their name points out, boa constrictors will coil their bodies around the prey, and squeeze their coils until the prey stops breathing. They typically feed on birds, lizards, frogs and small mammals. The bigger boa constrictors will even eat monkeys, pigs or deer.

Unfortunately, for this little fellow, eating a porcupine was not such a good idea, as these animals have quills to defend themselves. One thing is for sure – it’s wild out there!


Watch the video here:


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Snake Tries To Eat A Porcupine, Regrets It Immediately
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