These Princess Dress Blankets Are Here To Make Your Naps Magical

Nap time is about to get a whole lot more magical, as Disney fans can now own their own adorable princess blankets that’ll make them feel like true royalty!

Created by Kansas-based crocheter Carol Hladik, the idea for these blankets came to her in February when she was recovering from foot surgery. “I thought it would be nice to have a fun blanket to help me feel better,” Hladik told Cosmopolitan. “I love princesses and big, poufy skirts. Even when I got married, I wanted that big skirt. I was playing around and decided to create something fun.” Now, thanks to Hladik, everyone can have their own personalized princess blanket, as she has created 3 different crochet patterns – Belle-inspired, Sleeping Beauty-inspired, and Rapunzel-inspired. You can buy the crochet pattern PDF downloads on Etsy, and make your own magical blanket in no time!

Belle-Inspired Blanket

Sleeping Beauty-Inspired Blanket

Rapunzel-Inspired Blanket

Learn how to crochet here:


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